Kamasutra Ninja is the Alter EGO of DjAri,

his nickname was born during a perfomance with a German Pornostar at Insomnia NightClub Berlin, the beloved Fetish club for Hedonist people.

K.N. is a Alternative model & Actor,but mostly gives his best as BDSM Performer as a Dom.

He was contaminated by the Hedonistic & Kinky lifestyle while he was filming the most underground fetish clubs of Europe,United States & Japan during his world tour for producing his owns tv serie “DocumentARI”.

At the moment he is performing at Kinky Venus, Kitkatclub Insomnia in Berlin, alone or with his part in crime Hyntra Venus with a roaster of slaves mostly Lolitas or Gothic princess.

K.N. is the Dungeon Master of Disco Bizarre and you can book a session in solo or with a mistress every saturday at Kitkatclub.

K.N. is also the Dungeon Master of Devil’s & Master and Servant at Insomnia in Berlin.

K.N. Favorite tools are whips, electricity,  paddles, ballgags, nipples tortures & his unique 9 tails dreadlocks whip named “whiplocks”.

For private sessions you can book him >> HERE <<

Kamasutra Ninja




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Kamasutra Ninja is the Alter Ego of DjAri, his nickname was born during a Bdsm session with a German Pornostar at INSOMNIA-Nightclub in Berlin. K.N. is a Alternative model, Performer, Pranker, Actor & provocator and the moment you can enjoy him in youtube channel DocumentARI of DjAri and see his intercontinental photo sessions. photografers : Gili Shani - Photographer - Tamboly Photodesign - Yoran Nesh - Arne Lösekann - Nataly Ionova - Alter Imago Fotografía - FDNPhotographer - Tina Radke - Paulina Zuastegui - Flaminia Fanale - Fabien Sena - Rin Ayase - Phanganist.com - Premananda Franceschini - Caritia Abell - House of Rough Arts - Flame Hel outfits : AMF Korsets - CYBERESQUE - Cosmos Tribe - Kobris - Flower of Life by Pleiadian - Engineers of Desire - Doctor Frankenstein Shop - Darkstore - Savage Wear - SCHWARZE MODE Berlin make up : QUEEN LUANA - b-painted - Yuugen Hayashi - Nancy Guzmán - MDFA -Film Academy shot: Germany, Italy, Mexico, California, Japan, Thailand, India models: Too Much!!! soundtrack: Depeche Mode - World in my eyes (cicada mix) http://www.djari.tv https://www.facebook.com/KamasutraNinja/ http://www.facebook.com/DocumentARiofDjAri https://www.instagram.com/djari78 https://www.dailymotion.com/documentari https://www.vimeo.com/documentari

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