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Kamasutra Ninja is the Alter EGO of DjAri,

his nickname was born while creating a performance with a german Pornostar at Insomnia NightClub Berlin,

K.N. is a Alternative model & Actor,but mostly gives his best as BDSM Performer and Dom.

He was contaminated by the hedonistic & kinky lifestyle during 2011/2015 while he was filming the most underground

fetish clubs of Europe,United States & Japan during his world tour for producing his owns tv serie “DocumentARI”.

K.N. is resident performer at Venus Berlin Kinky Venus the biggest erotic & fetish convention of Europe

and actually resident as:

Dungeon Master every Saturday night at Kitkatclub

Dungeon Master of Devil’s – Where goth & Fetish Unite

& performer of Master & servant – Depeche Mode play party at Insomnia in Berlin

BDSM Workshops “Let’Z Fetish” on Wednesday evening at Kitkatclub.

K.N. favorite equipment is made by all sort of floggers & single tail whips,

paddles, ballgags, electric play, clinical ,

nipple torture, wax, mummification, straight jacket

& his unique 9 tails “dreadlocks whip” named “whip locks”.

you can book BDSM session in studio in solo or with

with Mistress Hyntra Venus, Lady Seilor, Domina Charlize , Eru Melevi, Madame Curie

For booking click >> HERE <<

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Kamasutra Ninja is the Alter Ego of DjAri, his nickname was born during a Bdsm session with a German Pornostar at INSOMNIA-Nightclub in Berlin. K.N. is a Alternative model, Performer, Pranker, Actor & provocator and the moment you can enjoy him in youtube channel DocumentARI of DjAri and see his intercontinental photo sessions. photografers : Gili Shani - Photographer - Tamboly Photodesign - Yoran Nesh - Arne Lösekann - Nataly Ionova - Alter Imago Fotografía - FDNPhotographer - Tina Radke - Paulina Zuastegui - Flaminia Fanale - Fabien Sena - Rin Ayase - Phanganist.com - Premananda Franceschini - Caritia Abell - House of Rough Arts - Flame Hel outfits : AMF Korsets - CYBERESQUE - Cosmos Tribe - Kobris - Flower of Life by Pleiadian - Engineers of Desire - Doctor Frankenstein Shop - Darkstore - Savage Wear - SCHWARZE MODE Berlin make up : QUEEN LUANA - b-painted - Yuugen Hayashi - Nancy Guzmán - MDFA -Film Academy shot: Germany, Italy, Mexico, California, Japan, Thailand, India models: Too Much!!! soundtrack: Depeche Mode - World in my eyes (cicada mix) http://www.djari.tv https://www.facebook.com/KamasutraNinja/ http://www.facebook.com/DocumentARiofDjAri https://www.instagram.com/djari78 https://www.dailymotion.com/documentari https://www.vimeo.com/documentari

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