Part 1- what to do in kathmandu: start the trip in the nepalese capital, between hindus temples and buddhist stupa , till the mystic temple of Pashupatinath, where is respectfully documented the hindu ritual of cremation. Following Ari go to buy the Kukuri, traditional nepalese knife and films the charas, the nepal delicacy mades by hands from cannabis indica’s flowers.

Part 2 – Road trip to Gorka & Pokhara: in company with the best friend Alex & the helpful nepalese driver Bill, a trip from Kathmandu to Manakamanà when the cableway wakes up the first phobia of Ari “vertigo”. They arrive to the sadly famous Gorka, to visit hindu temple with Baba (holy men). And the grand final in Pokhara happens for the Shivaratri Hindù festivity where the locals use to make explode sugar canes like we do with firecrackers.

Part 3 -Vertigo ’s Demon Pokhara: Last step of the nepali adventure starts with Buddha Airline, fly to Himalaya to see Everest, but the real emotions we live in pokhara where as well as admire underground temple and lake excursions , Ari challenge repeatedly one time for all the vertigos’demon, with suspension bridges and the zipline the highest and longest of Asia; but the hardest challenge is to arrive to 4000 m with an Ultralight flight, in a panoramic simultaneous flight in company of the adventure friend Alex.