Part 1 – From Mexico City to real de Catorce, 12 hours of road, with the company of Mr Wolf, a mexican friend that know the peyote, crossing dizzying paths and film scenarios, till the meeting with the “tiff of the desert” Don Luis that will show them where to camp to pick with respect and faith the sacred plant.

Part 2 – the first bite of the cactus: we continue under the effect of mescaline in a martial art training, with Mr. wolf. From the colour for the dusk till the night the, with a special ingredient that bring Ari to be awake with amplified sense, with the company of the desert’s lights, where every noise has his story.

Part 3 – come back to “civilization “ and interview with the family of Don Lois: with the baggage of this mystical experience. Ari goes over again the carrettera to real de catorce, filming scenarios customs and tradictions.